Wash Tyme Liquid Glycerin Soap - 8 oz. Citrus

Glycerin Soap - 8 oz. Citrus
Glycerin Soap - 8 oz. Citrus
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Because of glycerin's natural grease-cutting properties, our soap is truly an all-in-one cleaner for the whole house!
We keep a bottle by each bathroom sink, and one by the kitchen sink.

"This soap cuts grease like nobody's business, even in cold water!"


Fully saponified vegetable oil glycerin, water, Essential Oils

The many uses of our glycerin soap

Suggested Uses:

Hand soap/Body wash

General Cleanup: Mix 50:50 or less with water in spray bottle

Laundry: Follow machine recommended amount

Laundry Presoak: Apply small amount to stain, let sit overnight in water

Glass Cleaner: 1-2 tablespoons in 1 gallon water

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