Super Allergy Girl Allergy & Celiac Cookbook

A great addition for anyone looking for allergy friendly, gluten-free recipes

Super Allergy Girl Allergy & Celiac Cookbook
Super Allergy Girl Allergy & Celiac Cookbook
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A great addition for anyone looking for allergy friendly, gluten-free recipes.

"This cookbook was a lifesaver when we found out our kids were allergic to
wheat, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame seeds, and dairy!"

Nick and Denise

This cookbook contains both recipes and information for all cooks, regardless of your experience level. If you are brand new to the gluten-free, dairy-free, tree-nut and peanut-free, and egg-free cooking and baking, you are most likely overwhelmed. To be overwhelmed and even frightened by the myriad complexities is normal. However, the more you read and the more you practice in the kitchen, the easier it will become.

One way that this cookbook can help you is to give you new and valuable information. I would guess that most readers are not familiar with the history of food allergies even if you have been dealing with food allergies for decades. As a person with anaphylactic tree nut and coconut allergies, I have lived a life of food allergies personally, but I did not have a clue about the history of food allergies until I found references in our local medical library. A Brief History of Food Allergies, which is included in this book on page 19, gives most people room for pause and exploration depending upon their individual state of health.

The topics covered in Part One of this book include:

  • The Role of Nutrition in Food Allergies
  • Food Allergies in Infants and Children
  • A Brief History of Food Allergies
  • Special Diets & Celiac Disease
  • Avoiding Common Food Allergens
  • Special Ingredients & Products
  • Technical Know-How for Special Cooking
  • Saving Time & Money
  • Where to Purchase Pasta, Flours & Other Ingredients
  • Rotation Diets & Food Families
  • Meal Ideas
  • Part Two of the book is recipes, recipes, and more recipes! Over 225 of them ranging from appetizers, dips, soups, and main courses, to breads, cookies, cakes, and desserts.

    Size: 6 x 9
    Pages: 405
    Soft Cover, Perfect Bound

    ISBN 978-0-9797542-0-3

    "A Lifesaver..."

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    We love this cookbook!, August 11, 2008

    This review is from: The Super Allergy Girl Cookbook; Gluten-free Casein-free Nut-free. (Paperback)

    This cookbook has been a lifesaver for our family. Our son has autism and is on a gluten/casein-free diet and our daughter is gluten intolerant. There are plenty of GFCF cookbooks out there and we did okay with finding meals that they could eat.

    Then, our baby was diagnosed with food allergies to peanuts, tree nuts, and eggs, and that changed everything! I tried baking GFCF desserts without eggs and had one disaster after the other. I eventually found a few things that worked, but I still needed more recipes.

    I was thrilled to discover this cookbook because it addresses all of our allergies. I've made many recipes from it, and every single one so far has been a hit with the kids. We've enjoyed the main dishes (the General Tso's Chicken is amazing!), the snack mixes are great, and the desserts are delicious. I'd given up on trying to make brownies without wheat or eggs, but there are two brownie recipes in this book, and they're both incredible.

    I've recommended this cookbook to many people. The only thing I'd point out is that some of the recipes call for Bragg's Liquid Aminos, which we don't use, or, alternately, soy sauce. Regular soy sauce has wheat in it, so it's important to look for wheat-free Tamari Soy Sauce, if avoiding wheat or gluten.
    ~ Denise in PA