Raw Creamed Honey 6 oz. - Organic Blackberry

Raw Creamed Honey - Organic Blackberry 6 oz
Raw Creamed Honey - Organic Blackberry 6 oz

100% Raw, Never Heated,

Minimally Filtered,

Indescribably Delicious,

Local Raw Creamed Honey

Try our creamed honey on your on your breakfast cereal, in smoothies, on toast or muffins, in your favorite recipes, over ice cream, in teas and coffee, or straight from the jar! A great way to get extra nutrients, and much healthier than sugar!

Local Raw Creamed Honey, Seedless Organic Blackberries

Because we do not heat our honey when we cream it, natural separation may occur. Just stir and enjoy!
Although refrigeration is not required, store in refrigerator for a thicker spreadable honey.

***Please note: The weight on the label in the picture is incorrect. The product is 6 ounces.