All Natural Coconut Milk Soap

Possum Hollow Farm Soaps

Jen’der soaps are made by Possum Hollow Farm Soap, a small family-owned business in Bucks and Lehigh Counties in Pennsylvania. Jen’der Soaps are coconut milk based, scented only with essential oils sought out for their aromatherapy and therapeutic qualities. A careful blend of five oils, including shea butter, is used to create a creamy and moisturizing bar. The essential oil blends are paired to provide a variety of scents with different benefits. Each bar is approximately five ounces and is individually hand wrapped. All Jen’der bars are 100% Vegan, and are made without artificial coloring, additives, or preservatives. Jen’der products are not tested on animals.
We only sell soaps that we love and use for ourselves.
Once you experience the sensation of handmade soap, you will never go back to commercial soap! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Special note:
To extend the life of your soaps, allow them to drain and keep them dry between uses.

Shampoo and Body Bar
Shampoo and Body Bar TPNSBB
Wholesome Shampoo & Body Bar
Wholesome Shampoo & Body Bar TPNWSBB
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