One Village Organic Smart Blend Coffee 12 oz.

Organic Smart Blend
Organic Smart Blend
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Organic Smart Blend

Nick says: "The Smart Blend is OVCs take on the oldest coffee blend around Mocca-Java. Coffee originated in Ethiopia, and left the port of Mocca towards Indonesia where it was mostly grown on the Isle of Java. The very first blend since became Mocca-Java. The Smart Blend is a fresh look at this classic blend. A medium-dark roast makes this blend full-bodied and spicy with hints of cocoa and ripe blueberries on the palette."

Denise says: "Im not enough of a coffee expert to be able to distinguish all of the subtle tastes. All I know is that this coffee is sooo smooth and good, and has absolutely no bitterness."

This coffee has a room filling aroma and big, big flavors. Right up front you are hit with big fruit flavors blueberry, dried fruits and cocoa which take turns pleasing your taste buds. Smart Blend is one of One Village's three original Signature blends made with coffees from Indonesia and Africa, and is roasted to a full city to bring out all of the flavors in the beans. This blend pays homage to the first blend ever created, when coffee from the Isle of Java was shipped to the port of Moka in Arabia, where it was then blended together. Both full bodied and fruited, this coffee is sure to please.

In addition to being delicious, you can also feel good about drinking this coffee as it is both Certified Organic and a fairly traded coffee, making it both friendly to the earth and to the farmers and pickers who harvest it.

Roast Level: Medium-Dark

Sold as whole bean only.

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